When buying or selling a CPA, Enrolled Agent, Tax or Accounting firm, confidentiality is the most important aspect of the entire transaction. Working with Akins Professional Brokerage enhances confidentiality.

If word gets out that you are on either side of the transaction, things can (and probably will) go awry. Employees may fear losing their jobs and seek employment elsewhere.  Clients may panic at the prospect of a change and seek another accountant.

Here are 6 ways we work to maintain confidentiality:

    1. We never advertise the name of a firm for sale. We will designate the name of the city, or the general area in which a firm is located (i.e., 45 miles from Tampa).
    2. Interested prospective buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement. We ask individuals and companies for their professional credentials. We interview and gather information on the prospective buyers.
    3. The name of the firm for sale is redacted from any documents provided to the prospective buyer.
    4. Meet on neutral ground. We encourage the initial meeting to take place at a site away from the listed firm or after normal business hours when clients and/or employees are not in the office. This avoids gossip around the water cooler.
    5. During the process, we urge you to involve as few people as possible. The less people who know about a transaction, the less likely information will be leaked.
    6. We don’t co-broke. Again, by keeping as few individuals involved as possible, it allows us to maintain a higher degree of confidentiality.

At Akins Professional Brokerage, we take confidentiality very seriously. To learn more about our process, please contact us at (877) 277-0272.