Accounting and Tax Firm Acquisition: How to Create a Solid Letter of Intent

Written by Live Oak Bank

The acquisition process generally starts by identifying a target. Conversations and negotiations result in a general deal structure agreed upon by both buyer and seller.

Once you have reached a mutual understanding […]

  • Selling your firm

When should I prepare to sell my firm?

In a perfect world, the answer would be that we operate daily as if we were selling the firm tomorrow.  The reality is that, due to various constraints, accounting firm owners must prioritize daily activities […]

Why is confidentiality important?

While accountants are used to the term “full disclosure” in their profession, when it comes to marketing the sale of their accounting firm, confidentiality is necessary.  There are many reasons for confidentiality during the sale […]

  • sell your practice

Workaholic? Is it time to sell your practice?

Are you a workaholic, but maybe thinking of selling your practice?
Tax season is upon us and we know what that means – long days, little rest and an endless amount of work. If this describes […]

Have you scheduled a peer review?

If you are a CPA, and a member of the AICPA, you are most likely familiar with a peer review. These reviews were originally implemented as a required for AICPA members to retain their membership and […]

What it takes to start your own business

We recently ran across this great article in the Journal of Accountancy, penned by Jeff Drew, and wanted to share it:

Accountants who think they want to launch their own business should not proceed unless they […]

Opening your own firm or buying an existing one?

Have you been thinking of going out on your own and opening your own firm? While many accountants consider starting from scratch, some prefer to purchase an existing practice. For the entrepreneurial accountant going out […]

  • Client service

Measuring good client service is vital to any business

Client retention is probably the number one concern of buyers when purchasing a new CPA, Enrolled Agent, Tax or Accounting firm. Client retention is directly related to good client service, which is important all the time, […]

  • Clilent Retention

Client retention in a firm acquisition

“Can the seller of a firm guarantee the retention of the clients within the practice being purchased?” My response is: “Can you guarantee the retention of your current client base?”

At this point, the buyer should […]

  • preparation when selling your firm

Preparation when selling your firm

Like the Boy Scout motto says: Be Prepared!
What every firm should have available when presenting their business for sale.
The following is not a comprehensive list but certainly has the major items that prospective buyers will […]

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