Are you a workaholic, but maybe thinking of selling your practice?

Tax season is upon us and we know what that means – long days, little rest and an endless amount of work. If this describes you year-round, you might just be a workaholic. Do you think you should sell your practice?

You know you’re a workaholic if:

  • You can’t remember your grand kids names
  • You lose track of the number of cups of coffee you drink per day
  • Six hours of sleep is a luxury
  • A day off? What’s that?
  • Thanksgiving dinner was the last meal you ate with your family

Does this sound like you? Seriously, are you working too much and enjoying life too little? Maybe it’s time to consider selling your firm. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Do you find yourself starting one project and then getting side tracked and ending up working on something else?
  •  Do you have to constantly go back and correct errors?
  •  Is working a drudgery?
  •  Are you suffering health problems?

If you answered yes to any of these it might be time to start thinking about selling. Remember Akins Professional Brokerage for the sale of your business. We have CPAs and Enrolled Agents, in nearly every state, who are ready to buy! Are you ready to sell?