When selecting a business broker there are things you should consider. Of course, you want professionalism, experience and knowledge, but we go above and beyond those basic qualities. Our reputation and understanding of the accounting industry is unsurpassed.

We understand the operation of accounting practices. We owned one!  We also acquired several accounting firms. Since selling our firm we have been assisting others through the process of buying or selling. Here is how we have been helping others:


  • Matching Your Requirements to Available Firms. Not all firms are alike and neither are buyers. We spend time with you, getting to know your wants, needs and goals, and we work to find you the perfect firm.
  • Assistance with Financing. We have the ability to put you in touch with a banker or financier that would be appropriate for your situation. We constantly watch the market for fresh new contacts and build relationships with dependable, solid funding sources.


    • No Upfront Fees. We do not collect commissions until the practice is sold!
    • Business Valuations. By thoroughly examining your firm, we work to determine an accurate price. We look at historical annual billings, discretionary earnings, location, clients, employees, and even the number of hours worked in a year, to come up with a fair, yet profitable price for you.
    • Effective Marketing. On our website, “Practices for Sale,” we show all our listings. We attend several accounting trade shows throughout the year, advertise in print publications and frequently promote practices online through social media and email marketing. Most importantly, we keep a list of prospective buyers who are waiting for the right opportunity.
    • Screening of Interested Parties. We interview prospective buyers to see if their experience and education is compatable with your firm.

For all

    • Confidentiality. Our communication is strictly confidential. We take this seriously to maintain the value of your business.
    • Personal Attention. Each transaction is unique and it may be the first and only time a person has undergone such a process. We are available to assist you and answer questions along the way.
    • Buy/Sell Process Education.  Having bought and sold practices ourselves as well as brokering the sale of practices for others, we can guide and educate you through the process.
    • Contract negotiations. We assist both parties in the communication process to arrive at a mutually beneficial offer and acceptance.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a CPA, Enrolled Agent Tax or Accounting firm, please call Akins Professional Brokerage at (877) 277-0272.